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Using AI technology to make travel planning
smarter and less painful
perfect trip architect

“What do I do when I get there?” Never ask this question again!

Simple onboarding

Get Exactly What You Want

With a simple on-boarding where we ask you what you like, our AI engine only suggests activities that you like to do.

Exploration at your fingertips

Travel Anywhere

We can take you on your next travel adventure in any city in the world, or we can help you explore the city you are currently in.
All up to you.

optimized schedule

Best Time and Places to Go

No information overload. No hours of research. Just you, your favorite activities - historical sites, bars, nightlife, beaches, landmarks - you name it, all planned out for you. Making sure you're safe as you go.


Community & real reviews

A community of travelers that can leave reviews and tips for destinations and activities we have curated for them. No fake reviews and paid ads.

Matched with local vendors

Looking for a safari operator? Or a food tasting? Perhaps a walking tour with a local? We'll match you directly with one of our vendor partners at your destination.

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